The PLUREL-project (Peri-urban Land Use Relationships) is an integrated research project under the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme, focussed on new knowledge on the urban - rural interface and on the effects of planning and governance in the process of long-term decision making in the peri-urban regions in Europe. Research partner from The Netherlands is WUR/ Alterra and The Hague Region is a case study region.

PLUREL started in 2007 and finished in 2011, with a wide range of end-products. Haaglanden participates actively in the project through its portfolio holder on Green, Tourism and Recreation who is a member of the Board of Stakeholders. He delivered a key-note speech on the Final Conference in October on ‘Managing the Urban Rural Interface’. The PLUREL project and the platform PURPLE were linked to provide more interaction between policy makers and research. The report on The Hague Region is available and is added to the webpage: ‘Peri-urbanisation in Europe’ -  Towards European Policies to Sustain Urban-Rural Futures.